Beauty is life. And we are here to shine.
With love,

Lookbook Spring-Summer 2019

makup: Lana Temireva models: Karley Kathleen, Vlada,

jewelry, photo, decor: Kristina Ponomareva

Lookbook Winter-Spring 2019

makup: Karla Chin, hair: Melanie Mykietowich, model: Tiffani Sawatzky,

jewelry, photo, decor: Kristina Ponomareva

Some older stories…

‘I am Universe’
Autumn-Winter ‘18-19

Today I was brave enough to start new collection in my shop calls “ I AM UNIVERSE” and this is my first item for this collection. Not my style, not my colors, that’s why I was thinking hard to show or not to show at all this pieces to the world..
“I AM UNIVERSE” will be about endless galaxy of the each human soul, about sparkles of God in us, about planets and stars that we are connected with.
My plan was to start making creations for this collection in winter, but they began to appear in my imagination earlier.

Feels like we are all from different planets of unreal colors, but met on the Earth to play this life together...


'I am Nature'

I am nature, you are nature, everything we see and touch is nature of the planet Earth.

This collection is still in process of creating, but here are my first feelings about it, that I transformed into jewelry.

For me there is nothing ugly exist, because I can't judge Mother Earth, I'm her child. Everything that I can do is to love it. I'm part of it, beautiful part, very incredible and unique part, like you and everything around.
That's why I can honestly say, that I love you, without even meeting you- you are part of me, I'm part of you, and all together we are this beautiful nature on the Earth.

'I am Darkness'

I am darkness...
Everithing, everybody have shadow. We can't be whole, we can't feel light without darkness.
Exploring my dark part was so scary. I could not believe, that it's all me, that I'm so dark and mysterious that I completely don't know myself...

But once I've began to be brave enough to explore and accept all my negativity, all my monsters and demons, I began to see beauty and wholeness in this. 
Having shadow is a part of being human, part of being myself.

The biggest thing I've learned from this journey to the darkest depths of my soul- once I've learned myself from this angle, I love it and I can use all my darkness to shine brighter. 
This adventure brings to light for sure. 
Hiding the shadw is sensless because I don't use my full energy resource, I block part of me from development.

Darkness is beautiful, helpful and very powerful. A lot of art is made from this stage of the mind, a lot of inner fears and passions went out this way.
While creating this collection I was exploring my darkest sides, allowed them go out, and burned them into material shiny stories about dark beauty. And it can help others to light up the corners of their shadows too- through feeling this jewelry creations. 

We shouldn't be afraid to meet ourselves real, even if sometimes we are so very dark. Without this meeting we will never learn how to truly shine...



Thank you!